Accommodation Options for International Students in New Zealand: The Complete Guide

Lush green countryside, rolling hillocks, pristine beaches, bustling cities, buzzing campus life – New Zealand is home to a world of possibilities and dreams. A popular destination for international students, life in New Zealand is filled with a heady mixture of fun and frolic. However, before you go planning treks and surfs and museum tours, you need a place to stay for the duration of your study abroad program in the Kiwi country. Finding accommodation in a new country can be difficult and troublesome, which is why here are a few options to choose from that will help you plan your stay in New Zealand a lot better, giving you the opportunity to make the most of your time overseas.
Accommodation options in the country for international students are varied and come at more pocket-friendly rates than the ones in the UK or the USA. All sorts of living options are available in the cities and university towns of New Zealand, covering the interests of the homeward introvert to the lively outdoors kind of person. Depending on the type of life you want to experience and the rates that you can afford, the following are the varied types of accommodation available in New Zealand.

  • Halls of residence (student hostels)
Student hostels or halls of residence in New Zealand are located inside or within walking distance from the universities and colleges. These hostels are fully furnished and have single or twin-sharing rooms, common laundry, and lounge facilities. Water, electricity, Internet connectivity and other such amenities are also available in the student hostels. The halls of residence also have dining halls that serve healthy and nutritious meals and at times cater to the special dieting needs of the students. Life in the halls of residence is filled with fun activities at the lounge area and finding new peers. The cost of living in the halls of residence in New Zealand is about NZ$ 200-300 per week.

  •  Homestays (private boarding)
If you are the kind who wants to know more about the daily life and culture of the New Zealanders, then this type of accommodation is ideal for you. Homestays for international students provide the option of boarding with a family in New Zealand at their home. You will have a fully furnished separate room of your own and get to live and interact with the family while getting to observe life in the country from close quarters. You can take your meals with the family who will also help you get acquainted with the Kiwi ways of life. The popular phrase of "feeling at home" in an unknown terrain comes to life with the homestay option of accommodation for international students. The cost of living in a homestay in New Zealand is about NZ$ 180 per week.

  • Renting apartments (‘flatting’)
The colloquial term for renting apartments in New Zealand is ‘flatting'. This is an excellent option of accommodation for students who crave for the quiet privacy of their own homes that give them the highest level of autonomy in their life abroad. The apartments for rent in New Zealand usually have four to five bedrooms, and you can share it with as many people you want to – male or female. There are lots of apartments available close to the universities and colleges in New Zealand while a few might be some distance away or in the suburbs. Apartments in New Zealand usually have garages or parking spaces or lawns and gardens. These apartments sometimes come with the basic appliances like micro ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, and clothes dryers. However, utility costs of electricity, water, Internet connectivity and central heating have to be shared among the flat mates, as the rent does not cover the said charges. In addition to the rent, you may also have to deposit a certain amount of money as a security deposit that will be refunded to you when you move out, provided there is no damage to the house or the appliances. For enjoying life with a high degree of freedom, you can choose this viable option of accommodation. The rent for flatting in New Zealand is about NZ$ 70-150 per week apart from the utility bills.

All geared with the information on accommodation in New Zealand, you can now take your pick. Happy house hunting!


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