Five Countries Where You Can Work During Your Higher Studies Program

One of the many perks of studying abroad is the part-time work opportunities that await scores of overseas students in many countries worldwide. While some countries have stringent policies about international students taking up part-time employment (like UAE), some are not so conservative and have opportunities galore just waiting to be explored.
Popular part-time job options for overseas students abroad Overseas students have the options to choose from on-campus and off-campus jobs for their part-time work. Their wages contribute a significant share of their living expenses during their study abroad programs. Earning while learning also gives them an idea about the work culture of the country and aids in their holistic development. The popular part-time work options for overseas students in the countries abroad are as follows. On-campus jobs: working in the university or its partner institutions, like libraries, photocopy centres, and the university cafeteriasOff-campus jobs: working a…

Why Pursuing Higher Education in Canada Can Turn Your Life Around

Studying medicine at McGill University or completing an MBA from York University has long-lasting benefits for your scholastic and professional prospects, especially if you are an overseas student. Canada is a country of diversity in language, cultures as well as tertiary education. The robust higher education framework of the maple leaf country thus makes it a popular choice for the international students.

If you are planning for study overseas Canada then it would be a fabulous option for the following reasons.
Study at the best universities The Canadian universities rank highly in the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education ranking of institutions of tertiary education. With more than 30 universities in the top 500 across the world, Canada is home to prestigious seats of higher learning like McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and Western University.

Choose from a plethora of courses The sheer variety of diplomas, undergraduate, p…

Study USA Program - An Overview on Studying in the USA

With over a million international students studying multiple disciplines across all levels of higher education in the country, the USA leads the way as the most preferred study abroad destination in the world. Here is why a study USA program is so very appealing to the overseas students. The best universities in the world offering superior higher educationDynamic course structures, thousands of subjects and flexible credit systemExtensive research facilities and focus on experiential learningBuzzing campus life and a host of student activitiesA confluence of cultures and safe learning environment
Best courses in the USA The universities and colleges in the USA open up a world of possibilities for you through their varied range of academic, research-intensive, applied and skill development courses. You can pick from the following popular courses for your study USA program. Engineering disciplinesComputer science and IT (such as business analytics, information systems, networking and progr…

Study Singapore Program - An Overview on Studying in Singapore

If you are one among many who consider choosing a study Singapore program, the following can be the reasons why you should think going for a higher education degree to the Merlion land. Global approach to education with leading local and international universitiesA vast array of dynamic courses on offerMulticultural and fascinating learning ambienceSafe and friendly city-state for the growing international student populationMyriad job opportunities on completion of studies
Best courses in Singapore Singapore has rapidly grown into a hub of world-class higher education, and more so over the last two decades. The following are the top picks among Indian students for their study Singapore program, helping them achieve their academic and professional goals. Game development and designAnimationComputer science and information technology (such as business intelligence and information systems, enterprise business analytics, computing and networking, interactive technologies, and business informa…

Study Canada Program - An Overview on Studying in Canada

Why has the maple leaf country always had pride of place among the study abroad aspirants? The following are some of the reasons why you too, should contemplate going for a study Canada program. Availability of globally renowned study programs at the best universitiesContemporary research facilities and scopeVariety of scholarships, fellowships and funding options for overseas studentsEarn while you learn with the Canadian study permitA plethora of job opportunities on successful completion of your studiesEthnically diverse and welcoming atmosphere
Popular courses in Canada
Offering numerous courses that lead to the certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degree qualifications, the institutions of higher education in Canada have viable options for students from myriad disciplines. The following are the most popular courses to pick from for your study Canada program. Medicine and nursing disciplines (including population health, occupational healthcare management)Architecture …

Study New Zealand Program - An Overview on Studying in New Zealand

Contemplating to study abroad in New Zealand? Here is why pursuing higher education the Kiwi country can be a life-altering decision for your academic and professional. All the eight public universities in New Zealand rank highly in the QS World University RankingsApart from the traditional universities, there are also institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs), industry training institutions and private skill development institutes that form the tertiary education framework in the country, making a wide range of courses available according to your academic and professional requirementsThe New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) ensures the maintenance of international standards in the tertiary education sector in the country that is at par with the leading higher education institutions worldwideCost of a study New Zealand program is comparatively low, and the flexible student visa norms of the country allow international students to be employed in part-time jobs during the a…

Study Australia Program - An Overview on Studying in Australia

Australia follows close in heels to the USA and UK as the third most preferred study abroad destination among the higher studies aspirants worldwide. Along with high-ranking research universities, professional skill development institutions and dynamic course structures, the land Down Under is also appealing to the international students for the high quality of life, technological brilliance and multicultural environment.
Best courses in Australia The best courses to pursue your study Australia program are in the following disciplines. Mining and manufacturingCivil and structural engineeringComputer science and ITBusiness and managementHealth and medical sciencesFinance and accountingLaw and legal studies Best universities in Australia Australia has more than 1100 higher education institutions offering certificate, diploma and advanced diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in over 22,000 courses for the international students. The following are the most popular univers…